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Peak Band

With the Peak Band, you can experience the transformative effects of heightened vitality as you navigate through your busy schedule. 

Boost Band

The Boost Band is more than just a tool for performance enhancement; it’s a holistic aid that supports your entire athletic journey. 

Relief Data Disc

We understand that pain and inflammation can significantly impact your comfort and overall well-being. That’s why Relief Data Discs offer a comprehensive solution by addressing both aspects.

Protect Data Disc

Protect Data Discs are specifically designed to strengthen and protect you against the harmful effects of modern-day pollution, particularly electro-pollution. 

The 3 Pillars Of 8ightplus Technology

8ightplus technology is based on three pillars: (1) Acupuncture, (2) Scalar Wave Technology, and (3) Storage and Transfer of Energy and Data. The combination of these three technologies creates a transdermal acupuncture system that improves wellness in many ways.