The 3 Pillars Of 8ightplus Technology

8ightplus technology is based on three pillars: (1) Acupuncture, (2) Scalar Wave Technology, and (3) Storage and Transfer of Energy and Data. The combination of these three technologies creates a transdermal acupuncture system that improves wellness in many ways. Acupuncture is one of the main forms of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and has been practiced for over 3,500 years. Western medicine has shown in well-designed studies that acupuncture does work.

There are now hundreds of studies from top Western research institutions that are published in the most prestigious peer-reviewed journals showing the beneficial effects of acupuncture. The traditional theory from Chinese medicine of how acupuncture works is based on the flow of energy (Qi) through energy channels in the body (meridians).

Wellness can be compromised when the flow of this energy is altered or impeded by various causes. Improved energy flow, and thus wellness, can be achieved through stimulation of various acupoints that have been determined by thousands of years of trial and error.

Nicola Tesla helped advance theoretical aspects of physics and put such theories into practice by inventing alternating electric current, fluorescent light bulbs, the radio, the induction motor, etc., which have dramatically changed our lives. Tesla’s theories of longitudinal scalar waves and the wireless propagation of energy were never disproven but were abandoned by mainstream physicists.

A small group of independent-minded physicists started performing experiments that confirm predictions of Tesla’s most audacious theory: the wireless transmission of electricity via longitudinal scalar waves. Konstantin Meyl became intrigued by demonstrations of these “rogue scientists” and started looking for a theoretical explanation for Tesla’s predictions. Professor Meyl developed a unified theory of electromagnetism. His theory postulates the existence of electric vortices and potential vortices propagating energy by longitudinal scalar waves.

The entire concept of 8ightplus is the ability to stimulate acupoints with energy and data transdermally. In order to do this, a means to store and transfer energy and data is necessary. Holographic technology has shown the ability to store the largest amount of data in the smallest space. There have been many claims made about holographic discs. Some companies claim that the holographic disc itself is involved in the process of wellness enhancement.

At 8ightplus, it is believed that they do nothing more than act as a storage and transfer device. Through a proprietary process founded in the physics proposed by Professor Meyl, and the production of Tesla scalar waves, 8ightplus products are able to be programmed. This is done by producing scalar waves in harmony (resonance) with the energy and data chosen to charge our products. Scalar waves are able to pick up both energy and a data blueprint from the formula and charge it into the disc.

8ightplus combines the most ancient form of medicine with cutting-edge technology based on the theoretical physics of Nicola Tesla.