The 8ightplus Boost Band helps build up more than just muscle, it builds a healthier body. Maintain bone strength improve your mood, and regulate energy and blood flow.


Sleep is vital to your overall health and wellness. 8ightplus Rest Bands improves the quality of your sleep, improve your mood and work efficiently.


8ightplus Peak Bands have been proven to increase blood flow , enhance balance of the body, and improve overall health and physical performance.


Every day, we are actively engaged in our busy lives. To keep up with our hectic lifestyle, our body is in need of balance, harmony as well as a better health.

The 8ightplus holographic data disc is imbued with the power of tesla scalar waves. These scalar waves enter our body and provide us with what we need to obtain better health. With no chemicals and no side effects, the holographic data disc is safe for everyone's use.