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8ightplus was founded in 2013 to improve the well-being of people from all walks of life. Our innovative products, based on proven research in science and technology, have since made us key players in the global health and wellness market. The 8ightplus brand is also known for enabling our ambassadors to gain financial independence and generate an outstanding income. The success of 8ightplus lies in our commitment not only to deliver superior products with mass appeal, but also to develop our proprietary technology and create distinctive products. The success of 8ightplus is possible because of a dedicated team of people with utmost integrity, and who are committed to serving their clients and ambassadors with the best the industry has to offer; a team that strives to enable other people to be part of the 8ightplus success; a team with a wide range of international experience and expertise in revenue-building, management, marketing, and healthcare.


8ightplus draws its inspiration from the discovery of scientist and inventor Nicola Tesla, who discovered an alternating current known today as Scalar Waves. 8ightplus uses Tesla’s Scalar Waves to program holographic discs that are now revolutionizing health and wellness across the globe, and bringing wealth to our ambassadors.


Dr. Michael Ang


Ms. Kogen Yuan


Jared Ang

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Geoffrey Bryant

Chief Medical Director

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