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In 1889, Nikola Tesla, the pioneering physicist, and inventor of alternating current (AC), made a significant discovery known as Scalar Waves. These waves, referred to as “radiant” energy by Tesla, have been confirmed by scientists like Lord Kelvin and further explored by researchers such as Eric Dollard, Thomas Imlauer, Jean-Louis Naudin, and Professor Konstantin Meyl.

Here are the notable characteristics of Scalar Waves:
1. Scalar Waves can travel at speeds exceeding that of light.
2. They have the potential to generate more energy output than input.
3. These waves are capable of gathering energy as they move through space.
4. Scalar Waves can transmit energy wirelessly over long distances.
5. They have the ability to enhance cellular energy.
6. Preliminary findings suggest they may have a positive impact on longevity.
7. Scalar Waves show promise in protecting against high-frequency radiation.

At 8ightplus, we have introduced an unprecedented dimension to the field of quantum physics. Within our licensed laboratory, we harness cutting-edge scientific equipment to produce Scalar Waves and utilize them in a unique way. This allows us to create the most powerful health-improving products on the planet. To ensure maximum efficacy, we source biologically active raw materials from around the world, which are then infused with Scalar Waves in our laboratory, resulting in products with unparalleled energy.

In our pursuit of excellence, we employ a sophisticated German Bioresonance device developed by Dr. Franz Morrell and Eric Rasche. This advanced technology enables us to measure the remarkable health improvements individuals experience when using our products. With this device, we can vividly demonstrate the instantaneous and dramatic effects that 8ightplus products have on enhancing energy levels and overall well-being.

Furthermore, through Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, we have observed how our products effectively counteract the harmful effects of radio-frequency radiation. These findings lead us to conclude that our products possess a profound presence in the realm of quantum physics.

Scientific studies conducted at universities have showcased the remarkable benefits of certain 8ightplus products, particularly in relation to athletic performance. As a result, we proudly declare that 8ightplus manufactures the most effective energy-producing products available today.


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